According to a Matrixport report, the altcoins market is facing a challenging period, as evidenced by the recent sharp decline in trading volumes on Upbit, South Korea’s largest cryptocurrency exchange. This downturn is casting doubt on the ongoing rally of alternative cryptocurrencies.

Substantial Decrease in Trading Volume

Upbit’s 24-hour trading volume has drastically decreased. Having hit $15 billion on March 5, the volume has fallen by 75% to $3.79 billion. This decrease reflects a considerable change from the positive trend that was recorded in the early part of March.

The period of the low trading volume shows the general cooling of the altcoin market. Earlier, the altcoins space has seen huge interest and investment in events of such as the Ethereum Dencun upgrade and the optimism in the crypto market in anticipation of the Bitcoin halving.

Altcoins Trading Volume Plummet

The shrink of trading volume also has consequences on the general cryptocurrency market, more specifically on altcoins. In the first part of the March surge, the total capitalization of altcoins reached $788 billion, the highest level in two years.

This stabilization is simultaneous with the decrease in the trading volumes, posing a question about the future market values of the altcoin market, as per the report.

Upbit’s portfolio is quite diverse as it includes 192 cryptocurrencies and 309 trading pairs, which means a broad interest in different altcoins. The recent slump, as a result, might indicate an alteration in investor behavior, which would be a transition from a high-risk, high-reward approach favored by altcoin traders.

Altered Investment Patterns

Upbit trading pattern analysis shows a peculiar focus among South Korean investors. While in many other platforms, such as Coinbase, trading is dominated by Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH), Upbit’s trading activity is more balanced on multiple altcoins.

Nevertheless, with the current recession, this situation might be changing. Currently, the BTC and ETH trading pairs represent slightly over 9% of the entire 24-hour trading volume of Upbit, and the rest come from the altcoin-fiat trading pairs.

This might be indicative of a change in investors’ approach, possibly in the direction of a more prudent approach in the context of market uncertainty. However, the excitement for altcoins, conditioned on the expectation for unimagined profits, can be no lessened in reversal due to the reconsideration of risk in the current economic and political environment.

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