In a recent statement, Coinbase Chief Product Officer (CPO), Faryar Shirshad, commended presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Shirshad lauded RFK Jr, who is a pro-Bitcoin candidate, for his strong advocacy toward building a crypto-friendly environment in the United States.

Coinbase CPO Lauds RFK Jr.

Kennedy, during an interview, expressed his ambition to transform the United States into the “most crypto-friendly country” globally. In addition, he revealed his vows to champion “transactional freedom.” This stance garnered praise from the Coinbase CPO, who underscored the significance of “economic freedom” in the digital era.

Quoting Kennedy’s assertion on Twitter, the Coinbase CPO hailed the candidate’s understanding of the importance of economic freedom. In addition, he echoing Kennedy’s call to action for embracing cryptocurrencies and advocating for policies conducive to their growth. Also, Kennedy’s statement is hopeful for the entire Bitcoin community as well since he’s a staunch supporter of BTC.

Kennedy’s commitment to promoting a pro-crypto narrative in his presidential campaign resonates with the growing influence and relevance of digital currencies in the global economic landscape. Moreover, the Bitcoin advocate took to X and wrote, “Join me in fighting for transactional freedom and making the U.S. the most crypto-friendly country in the world.” Furthermore, he rallied his donation campaign amid run against Joe Biden.

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RFK Jr Points At Anti-Crypto Policies

In the interview, Kennedy highlighted that the government under Biden’s administration is trying to “destroy” the crypto space. He said that the regulatory scrutiny and the move to prohibit crypto acceptance in banks are their tools to achieve the goal. Hence, he strives to make remedial changes as he knows the importance of crypto. Furthermore, Kennedy asserted that even though Donald Trump supports crypto, the only currency is believe is the US Dollar. Therefore, RFK Jr brands himself as the “only” pro-crypto presidential candidate.

Earlier, the Biden administration proposed a 30% Tax on crypto mining. In the “Impose Digital Asset Mining Energy Excise Tax” section of the Fiscal Year 2025 Revenue Proposals, there’s a suggestion to impose a 30% excise tax on electricity usage by digital asset mining firms.

This tax will be phased in over three years, starting at 10% in the first year and increasing thereafter. The reasoning behind this tax is the substantial energy consumption associated with digital asset mining, which can harm the environment. The proposal also highlights the unpredictable nature of mining activities. However, it was met with massive backlash from the crypto community and other stakeholders.

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