Stepping into the crypto scene in 2017, ECOS established itself as a top-tier international investmeB2Minernt company, operating from Armenia. The company comes with three streams of Bitcoin mining: buying an ASIC, hosted at ECOS data center, mining rig renting facilities and cloud mining. 

ECOS does everything for you: manages logistics, customs clearance, installation, setup, and daily maintenance. You can just enjoy a hassle-free mining through your personal account.

With 0% taxes on export/import and income, Armenia’s Free Economic Zone offers an ideal environment for mining hosting services. Additionally, stringent security measures, including military guards, fortify operational efficiency and safeguard assets within ECOS’ domain.

With over 550,000 clients, ECOS has turned out to be a big name in the mining industry. What makes it unique? Well, it’s the set of features it offers to its users. ECOS’ mining facility comes with state-of-the-art Antminer S21 equipment, that takes performance and energy efficiency to a new level. S21 model grants access to up to 200 terahashes of power, generating income up to 50% higher than previous models. Moreover, these devices are much more energy efficient, letting you save up to 40% on hosting fees. ECOS already has them in the data center available for rent and at stock available for purchase.

The cherry on top is that the platform prioritizes customer satisfaction by implementing strong service level agreements and a thorough monitoring system to ensure maximum uptime, efficiency, and security.

Pricing: The pricing chart for ECOS has three categories. First is cloud mining, which starts at just $99. Second is miner rental, which costs around $1,600. Next is the ASIC purchase, which starts at $2,500. Try mining before investing your hard earned money by registering and using their unique code for ASICS mining. Use promo code: TryASIC.

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