With the successful completion of the first quarter of 2024, the crypto market is anticipating another bullish month. But before that, the 1st of April was not left empty this year as so many crazy pranks made Crypto April Fools Day a success.

In this blog, let’s reveal some of the best crypto pranks that were made yesterday.

Top Crypto April Fools Day Pranks

People have seen their crypto role models explaining concepts and building new technologies, but this April Fools Day, they saw them pranking (some even got serious).

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Even many users made pranks by posting about the relaxation of crypto taxes, whereas some posted Elon Musk selling Tesla, etc.

Vitalik Buterin Believes Degen Communism Is The Only Correct Ideology

Vitalik Buterin, the founder of the Ethereum network, has made a blog post and called out degen communism, the only correct ideology. That post received the attention of 622.7K people and was a fun prank with serious references and points. He also mentioned that the jab at meme coins is the only acceptable political philosophy for crypto.

juiceBox Announced $69 Million Funding From Paradigm

juiceBox, a crowdfunding protocol, announced they have received $69 Million worth of funding from the crypto venture Paradigm. It led to a false price jump in the native token, JBX, where it surged more than 45% before the company revealed it was a prank. juiceBox took an hour to clarify, leading to a lot of hate from users and eventually a price drop of 25%.

David Hoffman, Bankless Co-Host, Joined Solana Network

David Hoffman is known for being an Ethereum maximalist, and for the crypto April Fools Day prank, he posted his plans to join the Solana foundation with Austin Federa and Yakovenka and become a Solana maximalist. He even mentioned that he would be the VP of Decentralization as a joke on the people who called Solana less decentralized than Ethereum.

Grayscale Bitcoin Trust Outflows Are At $0

BitMEX Research made a post where they posted about GBTC’s zero outflows as a fun poke to its high outflow volume of the last week.

In a different post, they eventually mentioned the correct information that the Grayscale Bitcoin Trust Outflows was around $303 Million. This post has 93K views, making it one of the most successful pranks.

Solana To Launch A BunkerCoin, Transmitted Through Radio Waves.

Anatoly Yakovenko, the Solana CEO, announced about the launch of the BunkerCoin token as a Solana-based token. He mentioned that it will be operated on shortwave radio channels and equipped with ZkProofs and many other complicated technologies.

Tom Emmer Praises Gary Gensler and SEC

Tom Emmer, The Majority Whip of The United States House of Representatives, made a few posts for crypto on April Fools Day. He called out Gary Gensler as great for the US capital market before writing April Fools in the same post. In another post, he tagged the SEC by writing that they deserve more funding for crypto enforcement and again wrote an April Fools.

Waves Rebranded Themselves as AI Chain and Merged with GPT

Waves’ pseudonymous founder, who goes by the X profile Sasha, made a post where he mentioned that Waves is rebranding into an AI Chain and that the $waves ticker will be replaced with $AI. The post also mentioned that they are going to merge Waves with GPT. The list had more than 64K views, and that caused a 5% price surge in the WAVES.


Every year, the crypto industry goes through some crazy April Fools Day pranks. Back in 2021, a prank was circulating in the crypto industry that said that Satoshi Nakamoto had revealed its face. Another example is when Coinbase mentioned that they would physically deliver the user’s tokens under the Coinbase Fetch services. Several other fun pranks have entertained the crypto industry over the years.

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