According to Lookonchain, an on-chain analysis platform, a pseudo-anonymous person, who goes by the name Karo Von Trier has made $8.3 Million from a simple crypto investment of $100. The trader utilized 0.1 Ether to invest in Base cryptocurrency, and within a week, the person turned that crypto investment into $8.3 Million.

In this blog, let us discuss how the user turned $100 into $8.3 Million.

Crypto Investment That Created $8.3 Million

On the 2nd of March, the crypto trader Karo Von Trier posted on his X about his mission to hunt the Base, a cryptocurrency whose market cap was less than $5K. He made his first trade on the Keyboard Cat (KEYCAT), a newly launched meme coin. He utilized his 0.1 Ether to buy 1.3 Billion KEYCAT tokens, 13.16% of the total supply, and out of those, he sold 344.7 Million tokens in return for 497 Ethereum, worth over $1.75 Million.

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In his next step, he invested in Base, NORMIE, and NORMILIO. It was a total loss at starting as he lost $10520 but ended with a success.

He still has 971.2 Million KEYCAT tokens (9.71% of total supply), worth over $6.64 Million. As a result, the user has made $8.3 Million in just six days.

Lookonchain has shared all this information on their social media account X. The post includes the history of all the current transactions and the investment the user made in an attempt to make a $8.3 Million profit.

Similar Crazy Crypto Profit Incidents

Another time, a crypto trader became right about the crypto investment, where he made a profit of around $123,000 when the BOME mene coin surged over 3000% in just a 24-hour interval. The investor bet just 50 Solana tokens ($9,000) and turned that into 767 Solana.

Also, Elon Musk once helped a trader to make a profit in just ten minutes. Once Elon changed his X profile bio to Chief Troll Officer (CTO). On noticing that, the trader instantly bought 9.37 Trillion TROLL tokens, which cost him 4.3 ETH, and sold those for 5.318 ETH.

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Recently, an anonymous trader has also succeeded in making $3.1 Million within 12 minutes by trading into SLERF token. Many similar incidents have happened over the years, where cryptocurrency has led to huge profits in such short intervals.

Not All Crypto Investment Are Profitable

Such incidents become examples for people to take their chances on newly launched cryptocurrencies and meme coins. But majorly they lose instead of greater profits like Karo’s crypto investment.

One of those incidents is about the Milady Wif Hat (LADYF) meme coins, where the trader lost $46,000 within three minutes of the investment.


A correct crypto investment can make a person a million in profit on right days, but there are days when the investment can be a big loss. Investors should be aware of the necessary metrics and analysis before investing. They should know how to manage their portfolio, as not all cryptocurrencies are worth the investment, and just a single crypto isn’t enough to give stable profits.

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